Photographer Wes Gibson doing macro photographyWelcome to Digital Photography Mastery

Hi all! I’m Wes Gibson, the founder of Digital Photography Mastery. Whether you just picked up a camera for the first time, or if you’re like me and have been involved in photography for over 35 years, you probably have a lot of questions.

Mastering photography is a journey. You can learn the basics of photography in a rather short period of time, but to master the craft of photography takes a lifetime of learning and a lot of shooting.

Here’s How Digital Photography Mastery Can Help You In Your Photographic Journey

Becoming a photographer is so much more than just picking up a camera and taking pictures. Some of the broad topics that a photographer studies are:

  • Equipment knowledge, handling, and care
  • Photographic science and theory
  • Light energy physics
  • Camera settings
  • Photographic techniques
  • Art created by past masters
  • Visual psychology
  • Interpersonal skills and communications

This list can be broken down further into hundreds of topics. While all of this may seem daunting, you can be quite successful as a photographer by learning just a little bit in each area. As you grow as a photographer over the course of a lifetime, you constantly add to your knowledge and skill level.

Digital Photography Mastery can guide you in your journey as a photographer by offering equipment and book reviews, photography tips and tricks, in-depth articles discussing photographic techniques, and interviews with top professional and enthusiast photographers.

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About Wes Gibson

I am a former US Navy Chief Photographer and photographic quality expert. Having spent 20 years on active duty, I’ve traveled around the world many times, documenting life at sea in peacetime and during times of conflict. My keen eye, attention to detail and willingness to take my camera into harm’s way has produced thousands of dynamic, eye catching ground and aerial images for the US Navy and Department of Defense.Photographer Wes Gibson on an aerial photography mission

I was an instructor and Master Trainer at the US Naval Schools of Photography, teaching basic and advanced color photography, illustrative studio photography, photojournalism, and portraiture. Over the course of six years, I trained over 800 new and seasoned military photographers.

In addition to photography, I am well versed in graphic arts. I’ve designed, edited and published several award winning book projects and held the position of Photo Editor on military newspaper staffs. My knowledge of composition, color space and visual impact has been invaluable in the production of creative print media and web design.

After leaving the military in 2000, I’ve specialized in nature and wildlife photography, aviation photography, underwater cinematography, and aerial photography/cinematography using a radio control drone. My photos have appeared in many magazine, book, and video projects. I created Digital Photography Mastery in 2009, and has been writing and blogging about photography since.

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