In late October, I had the privilege to travel to Shenandoah National Park as part of I-Qest TV and the 59 Veterans project’s Shenandoah Recon 2015 trip. The mission — put together a short video to present to investors, check out some video equipment for future use, and get a feel for the team dynamics on the project.

Director and Videographer at Shenandoah National Park

I initially got involved with the 59 Veterans project eight months earlier after stumbling onto the LinkedIn profile of Jeffrey Ehrenkrantz, founder and CEO of I-Qest TV. 59 Veterans is a groundbreaking project that helps returning servicemen and women start exciting new careers in videography.… More

My month of video training just flew by. Video production is one of those subjects that I could easily spend the rest of the year exploring and writing about. But, the goal was to sample and learn the basics of video, which I believe I accomplished. Granted I have a lot to learn yet, but I am now able to set up my camera, light the set and add some good quality sound to my videos. That’s more than I could do at the beginning of the month.… More

Similar to video lighting, you don’t have to make a huge investment in sound equipment to start out in video production. There are free and low-cost options available to use until you are sure you want to pursue video more actively. You will quickly discover however, that the more you invest in sound equipment, the better your sound quality is.

Free Sound Option

Any camera capable of shooting video, also has the capability to record sound. This includes pro video cameras, camcorders, DSLR’s, point-and-shoot cameras, and even cell phones. Typically, the professional quality video cameras have high quality shotgun microphones attached to them.More

If you are just starting out in video production, you don’t need to go crazy and spend a lot of money on video lighting.┬áThere are several free and low-cost options available.

Natural and Existing Lighting (free options)

You really don’t need to invest in any lighting to get started in video. Mother Nature provides a wonderful light source if you know how to make use of it. ┬áHere are a few ways to utilize the sun and existing lighting.

  • Outdoors on overcast days. A slightly overcast day is one of the best sources of natural light. It’s natures giant softbox giving you a nice even lighting.

When learning to shoot video with a DSLR camera, the first thing I discovered is that I had to learn several things simultaneously. In order to experiment with camera settings, I needed to at least have a decent foundation of good lighting and white balance. In order to experiment around with different types of sound recordings, I needed to know a little bit about the camera settings.

Basically, while experimenting with the various camera settings, lighting conditions and sound recording systems, I had to set up and record a series of short videos and stills. But rather that discuss all of these at the same time, I will be breaking up camera settings, video lighting, and sound recording into at least three separate posts.… More

I’m going to spend a month learning video production. I’m not talking about making movies or music videos. I have no aspirations to be the next Steven Spielberg or George Lucas. Although I do enjoy making short music videos. I’ll put links to a couple of my videos at the bottom just for fun.

What I want to learn is how to produce and edit short, good quality instructional videos. This is an area of video production that will be most helpful to my brand and business. And with the popularity of social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, it’s a topic a lot of people are interested in.… More